Why Eco-Bedding?

Non-toxic, paper-based bedding made from 100% post consumer waste.


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Economical, hypoallergenic, and dust free bedding for easy cleaning and neat appearance.


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Perfect Chinchilla Bedding

I was skeptical when I bought the eco-bedding. "It's just shredded paper in a box!" I said, but PetSmart was out of the hemp bedding that I usually use for my chinchilla and I didn't like any of the other options. Turns out, my chinchilla LOVES the eco-bedding. Of course at first he nibbled it but doesn't seem like he is tempted to chew on it much and when I looked at him the second morning, he had it in his cage and he was all snuggled down in it... awwwww he really likes it! I am hooked and will buy eco-bedding in the future, you should put that it's for chinchillas on the box! As a concerned chinchilla owner I am always hesitant to buy things that don't specifically state that they are for Chinchillas.

Small Animal Bedding is Hypoallergenic

I have been a consumer of your Eco-Bedding for many months. I purchase this product from my local Petco as this is the only store near me that sells this product. Let me say this is the nicest pet product I have used in a long time. With a daughter comes many requests for pets in the home. Until this product was available I usually declined pets due to the allergies involved. This product is an excellent hypoallergenic product that I have recommended to several of my family and friends with similar home pets.

FiberCore Eco-Bedding is the Best

We have to say that after extensive research we found your Eco-Bedding to be the best. We only wish that more stores carried it. Keep up the great work.

Animal Bedding That Doesn't Stick

We tested the Eco-Bedding paper in the puppy pens and absolutely loved it! The paper didn't stick to the pups' faces (like the shredded white paper), and there is no odor. We have had it in the pen for almost 2 weeks! Amazing! Thank you.

Eco-Bedding Eliminates Dust

Eco-bedding has been GREAT!!! We have been using it for our puppies and small animals. We notice that we've eliminated 99 percent of the dust that is produced by the standard bedding we've used, like shredded paper and other brands. I really believe that this product keeps our animals happy and healthy.

Eco-Bedding Great for Rabbits

At Sweet Binks' shelter, we feel Eco-Bedding is an excellent bedding for litterboxes and temporary (carrier) beddings. It is clean, dust-free and biodegradable and well liked by rabbits. It is also great for convalescent or special needs rabbits.

Eco-Bedding Helps Hold Down Odor

I am a rat person who has recently tried this product for the first time and give it two thumbs up! It seems to be holding odor down much better than chip type bedding and other commercial litters I've used. In fact, I have been able to wait longer between cage cleaning times, which is a big plus when you have 6 cages! It is also easier to pick up if any lands outside the cage on the carpet, unlike the thorny bits from chip bedding that embed themselves in everything (a pain to try to vacuum up or wash out!).

The rats seem to like it, too. They dive through it like kids playing with confetti. I will happily use this product again.

Eco-Bedding is dust free and absorbent

Great product for bedding. This is a paper product that is dust free and absorbent. Our rats like to play in it and carry it to their beds. Since it is tightly crinkled, a little goes a long way in the cage.

Mice and Hamsters love Eco-Bedding

I absolutely love this bedding for my mice and hamsters who are major burrowers. They arrange it in big nests with elaborate tunnels. It is great for odor control and is an easy, clean and FUN bedding. Most beddings purport to be dust free, but Eco-Bedding truly is.