About FiberCore Pet Bedding

We just recycled a great idea...

Eco-Bedding is a paper-based bedding made from 100% post consumer waste. Our paper sources are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, making Eco-Bedding one of the most environmentally friendly pet products available on the market today.  Clean, absorbent and dust free, Eco-Bedding is scientifically proven to provide superior bedding and enrichment material for both small animals and birds.  Eco-Bedding's unique interlocking crinkle encourages natural foraging and nesting activities, which reduce stress and stress-related illnesses and behaviors.  In fact, Eco-Bedding has been shown to actually improve the health of animals.

So while your pets enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment in your home, you can feel good knowing you've helped maintain a better environment in the world we all share.

  • Completely dust-free
  • Hygienic, sanitary, non-toxic
  • Totally eliminates dust
  • Safety-tested and healthy for all small pets
  • Convenient: Unique design means neater cage areas, easier clean-up with no sticking