September 21, 2011

FiberCore Wins Crain’s Emerald Award for Sustainable Business Practices

Following is an excerpt from The Cleveland Emerald Award Submission.  Crain’s Emerald Award celebrates companies promoting sustainable business practices.  Sustainable is defined as promoting People, Planet and Profits.  We were honored at a dinner at Cleveland State University in September of 2011. FiberCore’s mission has always been to provide Economical and Ecological products to the pet, research and consumer products industries.  Five years ago we revitalized a stagnant product line and began to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to non sustainable products in a staid marketplace.  Not only are FiberCore’s products environmentally friendlier than the existing alternatives, our products are in many ways superior to traditional small pet and lab animal bedding as well as Styrofoam packing peanuts.  Since starting the company, we have increased sales […]